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HOLO Manix


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Effect Holo Manix 

You love a shining glow on your nails? Or maybe you dream up the perfect tile rainbow mirror on the nails? From now on the fulfillment of your dreams is within reach with our new pollen MetalManix Holo Effect !!

Fabulously simple application - for products without dispersion layer as:

- Dry Top (for styling hybrid) UV-lamp 2 minutes, 30 seconds dual LED

- Shine On (the claws gel and acrylic) uv lamp 3 minty, dual LED lamp 30 seconds

- Colored gels Arte Brillante (on heavily hardened nails natural eg. With a double layer of base protein, gel nails or acrylic) UV-lamp 2 minutes, dual LED lamp 30 seconds

The curing time should be chosen so that the product is perfectly dry, depending on the lamp. 

Just after curing, rub pollen MetalManix Holo using the applicator and mirror sheet shine on your nails !!

To protect the best for decorating gel shine Wet Look.

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HOLO Manix

HOLO Manix

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HOLO Manix

HOLO Manix


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