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    Snow-white building gel is Indigo Nails bestseller in the area of gel method.

    Thanks to the Igloo White Cream creating the smile line becomes easy and pleasant. Strongly pigmented, thick foam consistency prevents the once formed white ending from streaking! It waits patiently until all 5 fingers are ready to be put under the lamp without the need of freezing.

    Beginner level stylists can work on the final effect with no hurry and the more experienced ones can save time on freezing and filing excessive amount of the product.

    The colour does not turn yellow and the final effect is extremely durable. Igloo White Cream becomes a number one product of every stylist who had the chance to work with him!

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    Indigo X-White is an extra white, watery gel with great pigmentation. It does not contain any lumps. It is a hard gel and it does not leave any tacky layer. It enables gaining the perfect and sharp smile line.. We can work with it as with a thick gel or paint the smile line on a formerly built and prepared nail, and then we can cover it with a gloss gel.

    This method is highly recommended for renewing – in a very quick way you can file and paint a new smile line without damaging the nail’s construction.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
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