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    Acrylic Oval Vlada Bulle Brush is a natural Kolinsky hair brush for the acrylic method designed by Vlada Bulle.

    "For the last 5 years I have been teaching 5 course participants a day in my training center Indigo Nails Paris.

    The knowledge and experience I have gained taught me what should be the qualities of an acrylic method brush.

    Flexible bristle, tight-knit belly, tip that enables quick modeling of the acrylic in the cuticle area.

    I recommend it from the bottom of my heart!" Vlada Bulle

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    Ideal peak for acrylic method. Natural 100% Kolinsky hair absorbing the liquid and making your work light and easy.

    Sharp tip allows you to paint even the most precise, tiniest decorations.

    Favourite brush of the Indigo Australia Team.

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    100% natural Kolinsky hair. Highest quality selection of red marten hair. Ideally pliant, soft, keeping its elasticity for a long time.

    Pro Brush no.2 and no.4 brushes recommended for acrylic flowers and petite spatial decorations.

    3D Cat's Tongue

    Natural 100% Kolinsky hair. It’s bigger than Pro Brush, cat tongue shaped.

    You can use it to practice various techniques: wet acrylic application – silk, 3D acrylic, gel decorations, acrylic paint desings. (zhostovo farbkami akrylowymi?)

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    Indigo Japan Brush Size 9

    Manually folding brush crafts by artists in Japan, the exclusive contract Indigo 

    secret Indigo Japan Brush technique is laying bristles, known only in Japan, among the prominent and experienced artists brushes. The process of formation of Indigo Brush Japan is  an art in which every hair has been selected with the utmost care. 

    Indigo Brush Japan is  extremely precise brush , which accelerates and facilitates the work. It allows you to take a large amount of material at once -  you'll feel the difference already in the first minutes of your work!

    Long bristle tip provides maximum control over acrylic.

    Size: # 9 
    Shape: Oval 
    Bristle length: 22mm x 6mm

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items
  • Rome 2012