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    In order to be absolutely sure that your customer’s nails will last flawlessly for up to 6 weeks it’s worth applying the Perfect Base.


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    Keratin Base

    Multi-purpose base, compatibile with gel method and hybrid manicure.

    That crucial product increases adhesion of your stylization and levels out natural nail plate structure.

    Natural nail plate is nourished by keratin and in the same rebuilt with guaranteed strenght.

    It works like a nail conditioner and if you use it regularly, Keratin Base makes your nail plate healthy and nourished look. Forget abour air-pockets and try new keratin treatment!

    Would you like to find out how to apply Keratin Base? Watch our Vlog: - Vlog#1 Keratin Base.

    Would you like to be sure how to make the keratin treatment? Here we have some tips for you:

    1. Disinfect and assess the condition of Client’s hands and nails.
    2. Clean the nail plate, pushing back cuticles with a disposable wooden stick or pusher.
    3. Removal of cuticles with a Cuticle Remover.
    4. Shorten and shape nails with a file with a minimum grit of 180.
    5. Buff unevenness and mattify the nail plate with a buffer with a minimum grit of 240.
    6. Cleanse and dehydrate the nail plate with Indigo Cleaner.
    7. Apply Acid Free Primer to the nails.
    8. Apply Indigo Keratin Base on the nail plate and cure in lamp.
    9. Apply Removable Top Coat Gel Polish and cure in lamp.
    10. Remove dispersion layer with Cleaner Super Shine Effect.
    11. Apply cuticle oil on cuticles and rub hand moisturizer onto Client’s hands.

    Curing time:

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
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